Climate Change


Asia-Pacific being home to millions of vulnerable people, including women, youth, the elderly and people with disabilities, is highly exposed to climate change. Most of climate-related disasters in the last three decades occurred in Asia and the Pacific. It is expected that different countries, islands and communities in the region will experience varying impacts of climate change with differing levels of severity. At the same time, climate change is likely to induce migration in certain geographic “hot-spots”, including urban areas; atolls; drought prone locations; as well as in coastal, delta and river areas.

Recognizing the importance of climate change, ESCAP secretariat jointly with ILO and UNDP is implementing the Pacific Climate Change and Migration Project, entitled «Enhancing the capacity of Pacific Island Countries to address the impacts of climate change on migration» . The Project aims at developing better understanding of the causes and consequences of climate change and its impact on migration, improve regional knowledge, initiate national actions in target countries and to develop a regional approach related to the nexus between climate change and migration in the Pacific.