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Training Seminar on Green Growth Policy Tools for Low Carbon Development in Mongolia

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), in conjunction with Mongolia’s Ministry of Environment and Green Development (MEGD), organized a training seminar on Green Growth Policy Tools for Low Carbon Development in Ulaanbaatar from 10th-12th of April 2013. The objectives of the training seminar were to enhance awareness on Green Growth policies and capacity for their application in specific national context, and to build a basis for the development of Mongolia’s Green Development Roadmap. The three day training session was attended by over 25 policy makers from various ministries, including the Ministry of Environment and Green Development, Ministry of Population Development and Social Protection, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Mining, Ministry of Education and science, Ministry of Industry and agriculture, Ministry of Construction and urban development and Ministry of Culture, sport and tourism.  Moreover, participants from the department of Environment and Tourism- Uvurkhangai province governor’s office, Division of Social development- Khentii province  governor’s office, Department of Environment and Tourism- Bulgan, the deputy governor of Arkhangai province, the head of Khovd province and the Department of Sustainable production and consumption. Mongolian national chamber of Commerce and Industry were also in attendance.

The seminar is built on ESCAP’s interactive methodology, involving animated e - learning courses and a virtual library, as well as case studies and group activities moderated by the trainers were crafted to encourage participants to reflect on how “green growth” policies might be “mainstreamed” in their particular sector.The training seminar provided an introduction to the “Low Carbon Green Growth Roadmap”, and is followed by a four-week, self-paced, e-learning phase using a dedicated Online Facility, providing an easy to navigate knowledge and experience sharing platform for green growth practitioners. Graduates of the course will become members of an on-line green growth community.

The Green Growth Policy Tools for Low Carbon Development seminars and the Green Growth on-line e-Learning facility are designed to enhance the ability and skills of key decision-makers from the recipient countries to devise various green growth/green economy policy responses for fostering a low carbon development, amidst tackling more effectively the issues of resource efficiency, environmental sustainability, poverty reduction and climate.

The opening of the training session included remarks from Mr Enkhbat Altangerel, Director, Division of Clean Technology and Science,Ministry of Environment and Green Development, Mongolia and a presentation on the UN approach to “Low Carbon Green Growth Policy Tools for Asia and the Pacific”, by Aneta Nikolova, Environmental Affairs Officer, EDD/ESCAP. The training session was also held with the support of two expert resources persons, Dr. Bakhyt Yessekina, Proff. Green Academy, Kazakhstan and Mr. Simon Olsen, Senior Policy Researcher, IGES, Japan.

The training seminar was followed by a Consultation Seminar on Green Development Roadmap of Mongolia, held on the 15th and 16th of April 2013, which was attended by core staffs from MEGD and ESCAP. The consultation meeting was launched with opening and welcoming remarks from Ms. Sanjaasuren Oyun, Minister of Environment and Green Development, Mongolia, Mr. Rae Kwon Chung, Director, Environment and Development Division, ESCAP and Mr Kilaparti Ramakrishna, Head of the North-East Asia Sub-regional Office