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Regional Expert Consultation on Scoping Study for the SDG Help Desk

ESCAP has been tasked to establish a Sustainable Development Goals Help Desk (SDG Help Desk) to support policy makers from member States in the Asia-Pacific region with tools, methodologies and opportunities for sharing best practices on developing effective strategies, policies and institutional mechanisms for implementation of the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development and the SDGs. The SDG Help Desk is designed to serve as the primary modality for coordinating ESCAP’s support to member States in specific priority areas such as integration of the SDGs in national planning, stakeholder engagement, effective follow-up and review, and building partnerships for SDG implementation.

The Regional Consultation aims to is to: - provide an overview of existing tools and knowledge platforms of the United Nations system, including ESCAP knowledge, capacity building and e-learning resources; - make participants acquainted with on-line knowledge hubs and repositories; - present about tools that assist with searching and information retrieval, and collaborative writing; identify opportunities to join regional communities of practice and networks for peer-to-peer learning; - discuss the importance and opportunities of developing multi-stakeholder partnerships for SDG implementation; - further assess needs and challenges in SDG implementation and share good practice examples of multi-stakeholder partnerships.

For more information and documentation please follow this link