Bogota, Colombia - Sustainable Transport System

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Bogotá, Columbia, Building a sustainable transport system. This video explains how the Mayor of Bogotá decided to invest public funds in a new rapid bus system and pedestrian areas rather than building new roads.

Bogota, Building a Sustainable City | PBS Design e2

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Enrique Peñalosa, the former mayor of Bogotá, Colombia, transformed one of the world's most chaotic cities into a model of civic-minded and sustainable urban planning. He reformed public transportation, added greenways, built mega-libraries and created the longest stretch of bike-only lanes in the world. But along the way, he met tremendous opposition from the very people he was attempting to help.

London, The Price of Traffic and Road Pricing | PBS Design e2

Sustainable Urbanization | Videos

As of 2008, cities were responsible for about 80% of greenhouse gas emissions and consumed roughly 75% of the world's energy. Given that half of humanity lives in cities and that number is expected to grow to two-thirds by the year 2030, local policymakers in cities have a unique opportunity to affect the global climate crisis for better or worse. Ken Livingston, the first directly elected mayor of London, has taken advantage of that opportunity to institute a number of policies that respond to London's growth while also improving its livability.